Asked by Mandeep from Canada | Jan. 10, 2016 16:01
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2016 for Earth snake/ Leo female

I am born on August 20th, 1989. How will relationships be in 2016? Do I have any luck in finding love this year? Will I get success in my career, or get a better job ?

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Answered by Ella from Spain | Jan. 10, 2016 21:04
So you are single now? Well, it is predicted that your fortune can be just so so this year, and the chance to meet a nice guy only lies in Apri. and Sep. So you should seize all chances. While you will gain friendship in the year. Attend more parties or othe social activities so that you can make more friends. For career, you should continue working in the current company and job changing is not suggested. Make full use of your leisure time for reading!
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