Asked by TJ from United Kingdom | Jan. 06, 2016 00:34
About:Year of the Snake

2016 for a snake born in 1965

I am a Gemini snake born in 1965 and would like to know if my partner (Horse Capricorn 1966) and myself are compatible?
Is there travel or a change of job in 2016?

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Answered by Tina from Denmark | Jan. 07, 2016 21:36
TJ, you both are independent so you seldom rely on each other. Both are talented and practical. However, if you can't sacrifice for your relationship and marriage, you may not be able to be together till the end.

Your career fortune is strong this year. So you can change a job. However, your financial situation may not be good. So I am afraid that you may not save enough money to travel.
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