Asked by joy from Philippines | Jan. 04, 2016 07:03
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What bus can we ride from st sofia church, harbin to bingxue large world for the ice festival?

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Answered by Johnson from Finland | Jan. 05, 2016 02:09
You can take public bus no.47 to get to Ice and Snow World directly. Or take a cab to the destination. The fare is about CNY 20.
You can choose the way you like. :-)
Answered by joy from Philippines | Jan. 05, 2016 06:36
Thanks for the reply! Can I rely to google maps public transpo recommendations? From Sun Island going back to St sophia church has only 1 bus option. It is Bus 35 then 2 or 3 more bus transfers to get back to st. sofia church.

And going to sun island does not show the bus 47 too :(
Going to Sun Island, it says take bus 13 to 市人大 (or walk) and then ride the bus "九站码头-太阳岛" to get there. Going back to st. sofia church, it asks us to walk further north (not the same as our drop off when we arrived at sun island), and ride 2 or 3 buses to get back.

Please advice what site can we reliably use to know the routes. We are a bit afraid of taking taxis. :)
Answered by joy from Philippines | Jan. 05, 2016 06:42
johnson, sorry, i mixed up sun island and ice festival in Bingxue large world.
I google mapped going to Ice and Snow festival from st sofia church and I still did not find no 47 in the results. But going back to St sofia church from there is easier than from Sun Island.
Answered by Johnson | Jan. 05, 2016 19:40
Hi, Joy. Sun Island Park is adjacent to Ice & Snow World, but they are different scenic spots. From the church to Ice & Snow World, you need to take bus line 47 from Architectural Art Square Station to your destination. If you take bus line 13, you cannot get there directly. By the way, the city is pretty safe, and the taxis are operated by official companies. Taking a taxi is very safe and convenient for you. :)
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