Asked by Natasha from Germany | Dec. 05, 2015 05:26
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Z visa , change the workplace, before contract is finished

I have Z type and working in the same province since 3 years, now i found a job in the new province. My working visa will be expired at 18 February and my „Foreigner expert certification „ (red Book) will be expired at 24 February, my contract will be finished at 24 February too.
I can only go to the new province around 25 January (24 days before my Z type is expired) and the Chinese new year is at 8 February and all office is closed from 8 to 13 February.
My new Employer in the new province ask me ( my current employer) to cancel my „Foreigner expert certification„ (red Book) now, before my contract is finished, because i want to start to apply for the new „Foreigner expert certification „ (red Book) ,regarding this fact:

1. if now my current employer cancel my „Foreigner expert certification„ , before my contract is finished , my Z type and my contract will be canceled too? I will lose all my bonus at the end my contract?

2. I will be able do medical examination earliest around 25 January, can my new employer start the procedure without it?

3. Is it possible to extend my working Z type after 18 February for one month (not as Visitor Business visa) to have eng time to apply for new „Foreigner expert certification „ (red Book) and new Z type?

4. According the facts: My Z type expired 18 February, arriving at the new province 25 January, new years holiday, what is the best way to extend my working Z type and my red book, without to extend my visa for one month?

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Answered by Helen from China | Dec. 07, 2015 03:00
Hi Natasha!
1. If your current employer cancels your FEC before your labor contract is finished, it does not mean that your Z type and contract will be canceled too. However, if you don’t have the FEC, your work is illegal to some degree. So you should negotiate with your current employer about the bonus issue.
2. Your medical report as well as a release letter is needed to apply for a new work permit.
3. If you don’t work in the current school anymore, I’m afraid you can’t extend the Z type because you don’t have a reasonable reason to do so.
4. I think the best way is to negotiate with your current employer and ask he or she issues you the release letter in advance. Then, go to a designated hospital to do the physical examination in your spare time. Meanwhile, cancel your FEC and entrust the new employer to get the new work permit as soon as possible. Then, after arriving at the new province, go to the Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and apply for a new FEC. Next, go to the local exit and entry administration to renew your residence permit. It usually takes 15 to 20 working days to process the FEC and 15 working days to renew your residence permit. However, I heard that as long as you submit the application before your previous residence permit expires, it doesn’t matter whether you get the new residence permit on the expiry date. You can confirm this with the local exit and entry administration.
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