Asked by leila from Sweden | Dec. 02, 2015 03:14
About:The Five Elements (Wu Xing)

What element am I, what field should I work in and when will I meet my match?

I thought I was Wood but you say I am water, which one is it? I am the year of the rabbit since I am born early -76.. I am on January 12th at 22:05 pm in Nykoping Sweden 1976.

I had a previous question: "I guess I am Wood Rabbit. What is my best match/ compatibility in a partner/love relationship? Does Wood Rabbit go with Fire Dragon?"

Thank you for the respond

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Answered by Lisa from Iceland | Dec. 03, 2015 21:54
Leila, your zodaic element is Wood. However, I calculated your element according to your birth date. It's Water. Both are correct.

If you ask for fortune telling, then you should take water as your element. Wood and fire are compatible. However, your compatible zodiac signs are Sheep, Monkey, Dog and Pig. I think you know clearly whom you should find as your partner now.

Your element is water. Then you should work as tour guide, magician, reporter, detective, doctor or nurse. If you plan to do business, then you should engage in aquatic products.
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