Asked by Ella Gale Limbaga from USA | Nov. 24, 2015 19:27
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How does the building of the Great Wall illustrate Shi Huangdi's style of governing?

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Answered by Carol from Singapore | Nov. 24, 2015 21:42
You know, he once sent some people to seek elixir in the east. A guy called Lu Sheng brought back a book, in which it predicted that Qin Empire would be destroyed by the northern nomads. Then he thought it should be the Huns who ended his empire. As a result, he sent troops and enslaved the civilians to build the wall. It's said that 700000 civilians were enslaved and 300000 military troops were ordered to build the wall.

It was no wrong that he tried to sustain his empire. However, he forced the civilian people to build the wall and didn't care about their lives. Social contradictions aggravated so that civilians stood up to fight his ruling. You can see how tyrannic he was.
Answered by Ella Gale Limbaga from U.S.A | Nov. 25, 2015 07:29
Thank you Carol. This helped me a lot
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