Asked by Elle from Brunei | Oct. 18, 2015 03:51
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Brunei Permanent Resident holding ICI passport requires what type of visa?


I am a Brunei-born holding a Permanent Resident nationality (purple identity card), with ICI passport.

Was wondering what type of entry permit should I apply for if I wanted to enter Hong Kong directly flying from Bandar Seri Begawan? And how much will it cost?

Thank you for your time.

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Answered by Alan from Singapore | Oct. 18, 2015 04:04
Hi Elle, may I know what is ICI passport?
Answered by Elle from Country | Oct. 18, 2015 18:08
Hi Alan

Thank you for the reply.

ICI stands for "International Certificate of Identity" - which meant I'm a Permanent Resident of Brunei, but is stateless.
Answered by Alan from Singapore | Oct. 19, 2015 03:26
Well, as you are a stateless person, you need an entry permit for Hong Kong. The entry permit type is determined by your travel purpose. If you want to visit HK for leisure purpose, you can apply for a tourist type. Generally speaking, if you apply from the embassy, you need to pay 30 dollars for the entry permit itself and 20 dollars as the telecommunication fee in case that your application is transferred to HK Immigration Department. I'm not sure whether the fee has been changed, you are advised to confirm this with the consular office.
Answered by Elle from Brunei | Oct. 19, 2015 18:09
Thank you Alan for the response.
I shall take note of all. It has been real great help!
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