Asked by Fion See from Malaysia | Aug. 22, 2015 13:02
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Our family of 04 inclusive of 02 kids (10 / 5 yr) will arrive Shangri-la on 14/11/15 from Lijiang

please help to suggest itinerary. From Lijiang (14th)will visit 长江第一湾, 虎跳峡, 吉达姆草原, reach there afternoon continue with: 松赞林寺 ,独克宗古城. Night time: 藏民家访. all in one day. Is that fine? too rush??

Other places that I would like to cover is : Meili Snow Mountain & Pudacuo National Park. By looking at the places that I wanted to visit, when shall I take flight from SRL to Kunming to head back home?16th or 17th? Please advise so we can book air ticket soonest possible. Please suggest which part of SRL shall we stay??

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Answered by Sally from Indonesia | Aug. 23, 2015 20:38
No, it is impossible for you to cover all the spots just in one day, you at least 3 days to finish then.

If you visit all the places, you may take the flight 20th or 21st. Shangri-la ancient town id a good choice, where you can find a lot of selections about the accomdation.
Answered by Fion See from Malaysia | Aug. 24, 2015 09:36
thank you so much for your advise, I missed out the weather part. Will it be too cool by November? heard is below 0 degree. True?
Answered by Wendy from Indonesia | Aug. 24, 2015 20:31
No, according to the weather records, it will be not that cold in that month. It is usually cool and sunny, and the average temp is about 50F, and it may be lower in mountain area, which may reach 40 F. See, it is not as cold as you imagine. Enjoy your trip.
Answered by Fion See from Malaysia | Aug. 25, 2015 05:17
Once again, i sincerely thank you for your time & effort.
Answered by Al Allington from USA | Sep. 28, 2015 21:06
I just visited the area from Dali to SRL and was really disappointed. The Chinese government (per a sign written in Chinese and English) explains the government, "in 2008, saw great potential for tourism" and leveled the old building and replaced them with shopping mini malls and very large stores selling only selling high priced jade, silver and ancient Chinese medicine. I did see a few old buildings in residential areas but the bus went on by without stopping to explain or for pictures.

There are some beautiful natural wonders there but, as I have told friends, If you want to see 1000 year old structures done right go to Mexico to see Mayans/Aztec. If you want to see old houses go to England or Holland and if you want to see cloud surrounded mountains go to Colorado (USA) and visit the Rockies.
Answered by Kumiko from USA | Feb. 01, 2016 08:00
I do like your candid comments. However, I have two days in the area and wonder if you could suggest which place(s) to visit without high expectation: Bai Shu Tai, Tiger Leaping Gorge or spend more time in Jiliang than bothering to go out of town?
Answered by Jack from Canada | Feb. 01, 2016 20:04
You can spend one day in the town, and the other day going to Tiger Leaping Gorge. ;)
Answered by Kumiko from USA | Feb. 01, 2016 20:44
Thanks, Jack.
Answered by Alene from Malaysia | Apr. 22, 2016 19:56
Hi. From msia here too looking at going this October. Can you share your experience
1. Is it easy (ie are there many selections) to get ground arrangements made in lijiang once we get there or better arranging before flying out? I've heard that prices are better there but am wondering if it I'll be chancing on pure luck and risk not having anywhere to stay once there.
2. Did you visit the yak Meadow? And meili snow mountain?
3. Which is nicer to extend time to visit additional one or two night? Shangri-la or lijiang?
Thanks for your sharing
Answered by Fion See from Malaysia | Apr. 23, 2016 04:07
We only arrange accommodation for both places. As for itinerary we only decided after getting advice from owner & staff there. Lijiang is much happening n Shangrila is more for sightseeing, is also depend on whom you go along with. With kids, u might not spend so much time on shopping (Lijiang), else full day shopping is good or simply wondering in town, another full day tour to mountain (Jade Dragon + Blue Moon lake 蓝月湖We did not go Meili. Too far. Shangrila - National Park (Pudacuo), full day, another full day surrounding town or 巴拉格棕,大峽谷. It depends a lot on season & weather to decide what n where to go hence is advisible to secure good accommodation with genuine owner that can provide good local tips. Do let me yr contact here if you want the direct contact of person in charge for places I stayed.
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