Asked by Redana Zxuthill from philippines | Aug. 03, 2015 22:14
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Dog & Rooster relationship

just have Broke-Up with my ex-bf. after our BU, him & his ex-gf who was born in the year of Goat got together again. is there still any chance for me & my ex-bf?

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Answered by Renee from Palestine | Aug. 07, 2015 02:51
Have you ever thought why you broke up? Your zodiac signs suggest tht you both are very picky and aggressive. Once you have disputes, you never compromise. Suppose you still have a chance to make up your relationship, what are you going to do? If you can't make any change, your future is still not good. Please learn to be tolerant and don't be aggressive. Remember that there is no real winner in a relationship. When you break up, both are losers.

If you really regret, then you should find him and tell your real feelings. If he has feelings for you, you might make up.
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