Asked by Jay from canada | Aug. 03, 2015 01:40
About:Year of the Rooster

curious about my self and my partners compatibility/ Me June 10th, 1957 Him October 15, 1980

I'm really loyal to him and I love him with all my heart but are we a match made in heaven it says that we are soul mates from our astrology charts and we do have so much in common even the same gender. Can you tell me without predjudice what our future is going to be like if any. He is in Indonesia at this time and I am in Canada and I had to take him to the airport last week in July. So we didn't live more than one week together but dated constantly on every chance we had in days off. What can I know about this relationship am I being used and blinded by my love for him.?

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Answered by Linda from Yemen | Aug. 07, 2015 02:44
Jay, you are Rooster and he is Monkey. You both should be loyal to each other if you want to make your relationship work. Both need to make great efforts.

You know, moneky is a bit self-conceited. He prefers to be flattered. However, rooster is very serious and picky. She doesn't praise monkey too much when monkey does something good. She just thinks monkey just shows off. And monkey doesn't give much support to his family. So rooster might think he is irresponsible. See, these two signs aren't very compatible.

However, I don't think compatibility is only the factor that influences your relationship. Your problem is that you two are far from each other. If any of you make sacrifice to join the other, then your future is uncertain.
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