Asked by Rei from USA | Jun. 03, 2015 08:48
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I have recently been contacted by an International school in Chongqing to teach, and they have asked me to provide a criminal record report. I have been teaching in China for 11 years and it's been 3 years since the last time I left the country at all. Usually the schools I had in Tianjin got the criminal report from the local Chinese police as I have a residence permit for China and I have no exits listed. But now they are asking for one from the US- I no longer hold an address nor a drivers' license in the US- and haven't either in 11 years. I am married to a Chinese national and my daughter was born here. How am I supposed to get a police record from the US or can I just use the Chinese report? This is the first time (other than when I first came) that they have asked for a US police report.

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Answered by Rei from USA | Jun. 03, 2015 08:53
The biggest problem with this is that apparently I must have the criminal report to get the invitation. I have no family or friends in the US any longer so I would have to live in a hotel to get the report, send it back to China, then wait for the invitation so I can apply for the visa. I've been told that I would qualify for permanent residence but my husband is too busy to travel to Chongqing (where his hukou is located) to get the information...and my Chinese is not well enough to deal with those procedures.
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