Asked by Paula from USA | Jun. 03, 2015 00:07
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Outlook on the rest of the year in important areas.

Hi, My name is Paula and I'm a monkey born March 8, 1980. Could you please tell me what my outlook for love, finances and going back to school this year? I can also see that my lucky number is 8. You would not believe how much it shows up for me.

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Answered by Ruby from Indonesia | Jun. 04, 2015 02:35
Paula, your finance isn't very good this year. It says that you may lose money. You are suggested to make a financial plan and stop buying unnecessaries.

You are said to meet some admirers this year. However, you should be careful. Some of them are married and just want to have fun with you.

If you plan to continue your study, then you can do it because your education fortune is fine.
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