Asked by Kasia from Poland | May. 10, 2015 10:56
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Are there any direct buses between Tiger Leaping Gorge and Shangri-La?

Hi, we're planning to take a hiking trip of the gorge and than we'd like to head directly to SL is it possible? Or do we need to come back to the Lijiang? If yes from which point in ine gorge can we take it? Thank you in advance?

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Answered by May from United Kingdom | May. 10, 2015 20:18
No need to go back to Lijiang. In Qiaotou Town (Huqiaoxia Town), you can take the passing bus from Lijiang to SL. Just wait at the local Long-distance Bus Station.
Answered by Terrill Shepard Soules from United States | May. 14, 2015 13:31
From Victoria Woodard's e-book "Over the Top: Cultural Treasures in Southwestern China (Adventure Travel Book 2): btw, I'm still reading Travel Book 1, and enjoying its generous amounts of information.: "The Frenchman carried Patrick's [partner of the author] pack to the other end of Qiaotou, because Patrick had broken his shoulder in a fall on the Tiger Leaping Gorge trail. WE WAITED A LONG TIME FOR A BUS TO ZHONGDIAN [Shangri-La]. Many minibuses offered to take us ... we refused because our guidebook said Shangri-la was Dequin, a different town about 9 hours northwest of Zhongdian on the road to Tibet. Although we would have loved to travel into Tibet, we needed to go north from Zhongdian, not northwest, in order to return to Chengdu and our teaching jobs."
Answered by Terrill Shepard Soules from United States | May. 14, 2015 13:49
By the way, a few pages later, Victoria Woodard and Patrick [Diehl] learn that Zhongdian IS Shangri-la! Zhongdian had renamed itself Shangri-la. Then there's a nice digression about where the name Shangri-La came from in the first place, including a pronunciation tip: Evidently "Shawn Gorill-LA" comes pretty close.
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