Asked by Kit from New Zealand | Apr. 25, 2015 21:07
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Sept. 13, 1986 from NZ female. Any forecast that you can see?

I used to be a manager but had to leave my job due to a dispute with another manager (she doesn't like me for some reason and she made sure I got sacked even tho I was with the company for so long). I had been looking for a new one but all I get are rejection mails and a few phone calls, currently working for a friend (casual) just so I can have money in the bank. I would like to know if I would end up actually having a permanent job. In a really good relationship with another tiger born on Feb. 6, 1986 (can you tell anything about us?) Thank you for the response in advance.

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Answered by Vivian from Philippines | Apr. 26, 2015 02:50
Actually, there is nothing worthy of your frustration. It is just a lesson to be learned. Don’t just think about the benefit before you now, but plan something for you. There is no need to rush for a new job. After you discover your interest and strength, you will make the right decision. In this year, you will have a chance to find an expected job.
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