Asked by sharonzlj from Singapore | Apr. 15, 2015 21:00
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Tiger and goat. I am was born in 1979 and my husband was born in 1974. will everything be ok?

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Answered by Shane from Kirgizstan | Apr. 15, 2015 22:12
Sharon, if you both are willing to spend time understanding each other, you both won't have any big problem in your marriage. Your husband is brave and ambitious. However, you are a bit sensitive and dependent. Your husband might spend more time developing his career. Therefore, he may not have enough time to take care of you. And then you might feel unhappy.

However, if you could be more understanding, you would have known that he actually love you. What he is doing to make you both live a comfortable life.
Answered by Jules from Australia | May. 26, 2020 04:54
25 feb 1967 my boyfriend & I am 5 jun 1974. Are we very compatible?
Answered by Daniel from Finland | Jun. 01, 2020 00:24
The prediction shows that you can become a good match. Thus don't worry.
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