Asked by Zeel from India | Mar. 29, 2015 02:15
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hello sir, my name is Zeel (03/oct/1995) while my boyfriend name is Harsh (31/ dec/ 1993)

we are in relation since 2.5 years. We really love each other and want to get married but as our Indian astrology doesn't match thus we may have problem from my family(girls family). I wanted to know is this marriage possible , also will our parents agree for this marriage? And if yes when would it take place?
- thankfully
- Zeel

Answers (1)
Answered by Jason from Finland | Mar. 29, 2015 22:36
It is a fine match. Both of you are sensible and sincere in life. So there is a great possibility for the marriage between you two. You should try to persuade your family to agree him. All they want is that you can live a happy life after marriage. So if he really loves you, I’m sure your parents can feel it. Perhaps you can marry him in the next year, because you still need some time to get the agreement and support from your parents.
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