Asked by peter from UK | Mar. 27, 2015 13:34
About:China Embassy in Mexico

I am british and want to apply for my chinese work visa from Mexico. Is this possible?

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Answered by Tom from Kenya | Mar. 28, 2015 22:53
Yes, it's possible to do so. Before you submit the application, you are suggested to confirm this with the Chinese embassy in Mexico. The application documents you need are your passport, a photocopy of the passport's data page, a filled application form attached with a passport size photo, the original and photocopy of your Mexico stay or residence permit, a China work permit, and an invitation letter or invitation confirmation letter from Duly Authorized Unit.
Answered by jack from UK | Mar. 29, 2015 13:12
Hey Guys, Thanks for your response. It is difficult to confirm with the Chinese consulate office in Mexico as the email address does not work, they do not take phone calls and the information they provide is not definite...I had real difficulty contacting any of the Chinese consuates in the US!

My issue could be that I do not have a Mexican residence permit, I am only a tourist. This has been my issue in the US, I don't have US residency. (I am a British traveller)

Do you think the fact I will enter Mexico as a tourist will be a problem?
Answered by Tom from Kenya | Mar. 30, 2015 04:54
Generally speaking, if you have to visa for Mexico, there won't be problems.
Answered by Dane from Mexico | Apr. 15, 2015 08:58
Hi there I'm in the same boat and was wondering how it went with you getting yours? Did you just turn up and were able to get it? What documents did you need?
Answered by pete from uk | Apr. 15, 2015 20:10
Hi there, I haven't tried yet. The problem could be receiving the necessary papers (letter of invitation) before going to the Chinese embassy in Mexico. Unless I can get the letter, there is no point in trying at the embassy and they may refuse the letter of invitation on the basis of not being a Mexican resident....regardless of what the consular office in Mexico say..Let me know if you find a solution .
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