Asked by christina from Wales | Mar. 25, 2015 09:25
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Starting a business and moving. DOB 4th September 1970

Hi, I have recently moved to a new town, and I am having great trouble staying in the house. I have had problems with neighbours, theft etc, so I do not go home until its dark. I am researching starting my own business from home, but that isn't going to happen while I live there, but I am trapped there at the moment, with no money to move. I feel as if my life is spinning and passing me by. I have great plans to have a happy safe home for myself and my children, be self sufficient, and enjoy life, but I feel so sad all the time. I just want my happy back.

Many thanks

Answers (1)
Answered by Lisa from fr | Mar. 28, 2015 20:56
Well, sorry for this. But if there is anything wrong between you and your neighbors, you should communicate with them and try to solve the problem. Try to keep a harmonious relationship with them, this will make you feel better. Also, I know a lot of people have such difficult times in the first period of the business. Maybe it is a test god gives you. So just be perseverant and patient. You will make it through, I’m sure, and all your dream will come true one day.
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