Asked by Giorgi from USA | Mar. 24, 2015 20:26
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Hello:) Would you think this combo will work out?

Hii:) Its been over 2 decades that iv been in a relationship. he seems to really love me :)
He is Sagittarius 12-01-67 I am Cancer 06-24-67
im just real scared but want to try it out ...
Thanks for any advice!!

Answers (2)
Answered by Gary from Indonesia | Mar. 25, 2015 02:37
Honestly, Sagittarius and Cancer are not well-matched because their compatibilty rating is just 40 percent. However, your zodiac signs are ok. You have the same sign, Sheep.

Sheep are lazy and prefer to rely on others. But when two sheep are together, they both contribute to their relationship and family. The husband work hard to save money while the wife helps the husband to make the right decisions. Once they face difficulties, the husband takes the responsibilty to help them out.

So I think you should give you two a chance to try whether you two can be together.
Answered by Giorgi from USA | Mar. 25, 2015 05:34
Awww Thanks for the fast reply Gray!! Yes I will give it a try, why not :D
Take care and have great rest of the week! Ciao*
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