Asked by Maria Ylanan from Singapore | Feb. 11, 2015 05:30
About:Year of the Tiger

I was born on oct 11 1986. What about my career, health and lovelife?

I resigned last jan. And im here in singapore looking for a job? Do u think i could find one? And my health is still not ok i have 1month cough already. Do u think my boyfriend will propose this year?

Answers (1)
Answered by Maria from Denmark | Feb. 11, 2015 20:31
Well, it’s a good year for you. So surely you can find a new job there. Just be patient. Your health problem may because that you are not accustomed with the local climate. So it will be ok after some time. You should spend more time with your boyfriend and communicate with him. When it comes the right time, he will propose to you.
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