Asked by Sharon from Hongkong | Nov. 02, 2014 10:56
About:Heavenly Stems & Earthly Branches

Please advise..DOB June 12, 1967

Hi...a lot of misfortune in life in terms of love,career, and finances for the past years,and come 2015 will again not a good year for sheep.

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Answered by Stanley from Singapore | Nov. 02, 2014 18:24
Hi Sharon, base in yr birth data, u r a 丁 fire person (birthday). Yr HSE trigram is also fire. (离卦). There r no metal, wood and water in yr destiny. Wear a gold necklace wif a rooster pendent in it for wealth. Out on a small jade bracelet on yr right hand wif carving of a pig and rabbit in it, tis is for yr resources and support. Get all de items bless b4 u wear it.To recharge yr energy and confident bac, take a walk on de garden grasses bear foot. Touch de plants and trees or hug de trees if u can. Yr luck cycle is entering winter now wch sees yr love live is stabilizing. Go for a swim once in a while. Do more good deeds. Cheer up Sharon n gd luck
Answered by Sharon from Hongkong | Nov. 03, 2014 21:36
Thank you Stanley. my life was full of misery. a bit confident now. i will take your advise. one question again. will i be successful in life again ? thanks
Answered by Stanley | Nov. 04, 2014 01:56
Sharon, you need to be confident if you want to be successful. A man who have no confidence in himself can't make great success. If you are confident and ready for making success, you will be successful at last.
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