Asked by Helen from Finland | Oct. 04, 2014 22:47
About:Getting to Yichang

Me and my sister try to get ferry from Yichang port to Chongqing in just less than two days time.

We are on a quite tight schedule, so would appreciate all the help. We can't find where this YC port is on the map. Can anybody give anykind of address so that we might know where we need to go, please? Also we are arriving to YC East railway station about 10pm. What transportation should we take from there? We know which busses go to city center and from city center to the port, but we have no idea which bus would take us straight to the YC port from the East railway station? Does anyone know, please? Also we were wondering as the boat only sets sail at 7am following morning, but is loading people at 7pm previous evening that would it be possible for us to come already then (although quite late) and not take the next boat next day? Or do we have to find a hostel? If so, does anyone have any good recommendations? We are doing a world tour so every penny we save is great, but we also need to experience, that's why the boat trip. Should we accomodate near the port and are there some nice places or in the city?
Also is it easy to find transportation from Chongquing port to Chengdu? What is the best yet cheapest option, please?
Thank you so much for reading this and hope you may help us finding these answers. Take care:)

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Answered by Johnson from USA | Oct. 05, 2014 00:49
Hey, there is no direct bus from the railway station to the port, which I presume the New Century Port for the Yangtze River. I remember it is not that easy to find accommodation near the port. So you are recommended to stay near the railway station or the city for a night. In the next early morning, take a taxi to the port to catch the boat.

The boat will take you to Chongqing Chaotianmen Port. Upon getting there, u can take a taxi to Xiaoshizi metro station to take subway line 1 to Lianglukou. There you can transfer to line 3 to lolcal North Railway Station. Then take a bullet train to Chengdu.

At last, if you really refer to the boat for the Yangtze Cruise, two days are not enlough at all. As I know, the journey on the river from YC to Choqing takes 4-5 days.
Answered by Helen from Finland | Oct. 05, 2014 02:31
Thank you Jhonson for your quick reply. We appreciate it very much. For some reason the maps will still not find these ports unfortunately. If you are located in the US at the minute I think maps work a whole lot better in there. Would it be possible for you to maybe send a link where these ports are. The Port you mentioned in YC is the important one, yet if you may also the one you mentioned in Chongqing, please. Thank you ever so much! :)
Answered by Luna from China | Oct. 15, 2014 03:27
Hi, I am a Chinese girl and I took the cruise last year. The port in YC is 宜昌新世纪码头 and the Chaotianmen Port in Chongqing is 重庆朝天门码头. If you will take a taxi, ask the driver to drop you there.
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