Asked by Tee from New Zealand | Sep. 01, 2014 08:22
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Will I ever find true love or not? Will I be successful or not?

I was born 9th November 1968. I am kind of in a relationship but I know it's not going anywhere and I can't seem to break away from him...I am currently studying and working but I feel so worn out so should I just give up on both things or not....please help me

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Answered by Martin from Germany | Sep. 02, 2014 02:24
Tee, you need to make your mind immediately. If you think your relationship won't work, then you should pull out immediately. Do not waste your and his time. The earlier you break up, the faster you find your true love. So does he. As for your studying and working, I think you shouldn't give it up easily. Everyone has his/her ups and downs. Please keep up. You will get through successfully and start a new life.
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