Asked by Misbah Nosheen from USA | Jun. 29, 2014 09:27
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my sign is dog (D.O.B) 11/25/1982.His sign is rat 11/14/1984

We got married in 12/2013.We always have fights and plus my family doesn't know about our relationship. I'm in USA and he is in Italy .My question is we will live together or not.He will be able to come in USA and my family will accept our relationship or not ?

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Answered by Rita from Denmark | Jun. 30, 2014 04:26
The relationship between you two are totally different from what the zodiac describes. According to the Chinese zodiac, rat and dog never quarrel or force each other to accept their own life styles. They both long for independent and quiet life. It seems that these two signs can make a happy life together. But why didn't it happen between you two? Anyway, the future is in your hands. If you want to make an end, you can let each other go. You will have the answers after you ask him whether he will come back to the US and tell the truth to your parents.
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