Asked by lhanie barroga from Philippines | May. 09, 2014 03:51
About:Year of the Horse

My son is a horse sign june 2, 1978 n the woman he is presently living now is born under the rat.

As I can see he loves this woman. They have 2 children, I understand that they are not compatible in the Chinese sign, they get along well but my son is having a hard time to find a permanent job, can you advise me what to do if this situation has got to do with compatibility? Thanks

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Answered by Collan from Germany | May. 10, 2014 03:29
No, there is nothing with the compatibility. Your son requires wider social circle, so ask him to make more friends in many fields. Also he is advised to get along with people aorund. Then he may have luck within this year. My wishes!
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