Asked by jay kayal from India | Mar. 23, 2014 12:45
About:History of Chinese Kung Fu

who is the creater of kung fu or martial arts?

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Answered by Robin from Australia | Mar. 25, 2014 21:54
It's said that martial arts was created by Fu Xi (a legendary Chinese ruler in the Chinese mythology).
Answered by Seng from Australia | Feb. 25, 2016 08:16
Every nation has its own indegenous form of martial art/kung fu. You don't see any style of Chinese kung fu practiced in India because it originated in China. On the other hand, you can find closely similar, even with the same namesake of styles in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan that can be traced to China that still exist today. Bodhidarma went to China around 1000AD and taught the monks yogic breathing to energise the organs to help in their meditation. The fighting arts already existed in Wudang mountain of the Taoist sect named after Lao Tse whose philosophy in 500BC of Ying/Yang was later turned into a fighting tool. It is said that the shaolin monks learned their fighting skills from martial artists who took refuge and hiding as monks in the temple.Anway, wudang kung fu of Tai Chi, Pakua and Hsing Yi are superior and you can find similar traits in other systems of shaolin. And since Wudang existed before shaolin, we can say that wudang fighting arts had a strong bearing on shaolin kung fu.
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