Asked by Rose from england | Mar. 06, 2014 16:43
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future prospects question

I'm a snake born in 1977 born on Aug 20th. I've studied and got experience to try and get on a degree course that will change my life, and my family's for the better. I've unfortunately been told Ive not got a place but i'm on a waiting list. I so want this. I'm in limbo until September when I'll apply again for next year. What are my chances on being lucky enough to get a place? Should I keep trying?
Thanks x

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Answered by Mike from Honduras | Mar. 08, 2014 03:41
Sorry to hear this, but never feel frustrated! It is predicted that your fortune in all aspects will get better and better this year. Therefore, I suggest you try your best to improve yourself by now to get ready for any unexpected chances. Good luck!
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