Asked by Dreamer from USA | Feb. 13, 2014 09:40
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My DOB is 10-2-00, and his is 10-27-97

I used to have a crush on this guy, and he knows that I did. He doesn't really seem to care about it, says that we're good friends, but that we'll never really be anything more. I want to know if he might start to like me in the future, because even though I'm not crushing on him, I still really admire him and like him as a friend. We can't see each other too often, but we text practically everyday. I also have another friend who still has a crush on him. Her DOB is 3-5-00. Is there a possibility he might end up liking her, even thought they aren't even friends, or know each other that well? Thx for whoever answers my question!

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Answered by Fenny from Finland | Feb. 14, 2014 01:02
Hi, it is natural that they are friends. You cannot change this. However, if you really have a crush on him, u should confess! According to your date of birth, you are most suggested to focus on study instead of love life though!
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