Asked by Dan from USA | Dec. 31, 2013 08:36
About:Year of the Dragon

Is it bad to have conflicting animals in your chart? How do the other four pillars affect fortune?

From a different site, my earthly branches are:
Hour: Green Cow
Day: Green Dog
Month: White Rabbit
Year: Red Dragon
The animals my year is to avoid all show up in the other branches of my pillars. Does that affect how I should read Chinese horoscopes? Any idea what I should expect from 2014?

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Answered by Cara | Jan. 09, 2014 01:50
The Chinese zodiac is only decided from the birth year.
Since you were born in the year of dragon, your Chinese zodiac is dragon. You can expect a nice and fluent year in 2014. Chances to get promotion exist, so your salary may increase. It is suggested to handle issues patiently. There is no big problems in your family relationship and mutural understanding is very important for you.
Anyway, good luck with you in this year.
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