Asked by Darine from Singapaore | Dec. 04, 2013 03:46
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my birth date is 28 April 1977 and I plan to work abroad will there be any chances for me to go overseas?

and what about my love life? will I get to settle down next year?

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Answered by Dave from USA | Dec. 04, 2013 21:05
Yes, the chances to go abroad exist, but it is hard to tell whether you can settle down there.
For the lovelife, if you have already got your partner, it is suggested to try to understand with each other and try to communicate a lot if problems exist. Love is the issue for both of you, so you still need to do something.
If you are still single, this year is a good time for meet other people, but the relations may not be so long. So you may need to have good attitude towards it .
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