Asked by manbir from Canada | Nov. 27, 2013 17:50
About:Year of the Dragon

My DOB is 20 aug 1988. I want to know about coming year because my sisters and my mother are facing some problems

I am feeling helpless there is nothing that i can do for them just avoiding them .

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Answered by Jill from Singapore | Nov. 27, 2013 19:52
Hi, please do not worry.
Your future will be pretty well in this year. You will be lucky on your finance no matter what your job is. However, the expense may be increase while your income increase, so it is suggested to have a plan before use and the adventurous investments should be avoided. Career will also be nice and you may meet some chances to get a promotion or change a better job. It is suggested to pay attention on your health. If you feel sick, you please see a doctor as soon as possible.
Anyway, good luck with you.
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