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About:Qin Dynasty

what are the positive and negetive effects of qin rule

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Positive points:
1. It unified whole China to first achieve the centralism and established the original feudal autocracy centralized system.
2. Qin Shi Huang standardized weights and measures as well as the written character, making the Qinzhuan the standard font to promote the development of the society.
3. During that time, the Great Wall of China was started to officially built (Qin Shi Huang also ordered to connect the sections constructed in the former states. )

Negative points:
1. Qin's tyrannical rule makes it only live for 15 years;
2. The tax was very high and the punishment to the prisoners was severe then, which aroused that the farmers rose up to overthrow the dynasty.
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Negative Point:
He burnt books and buried scholars alive if they disagreed with him.
Positive Point:
He extended and connected the great wall of china.
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Positive points :
1. Qin ShiHuang of Qin unified the china and the measuring tools and currency were unified so that there will be no more arguments between trading.
Negative points :
1. Qin ShiHuang of Qin burnt all the books because he hated suggestions and wanted to be the smartest. He did this so that scholars can't learn to be smarter than him.
2. He wanted to be a strong country so he called his soldiers to force people helping him to build the Great Wall with violence. The Great Wall is for preventing the soldiers from other countries fighting into China.
3. He buried people which are alive so that there would be none of the people smarter than him.
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Positive Points:
-He Bulit the Ling Canal, one of the most important transport systems in China.
-He united the territories of China.
-Completed the Great Wall.
Negative Points:
-His mass construction projects killed many Chinese labours due to poor conditions.
-He purged the Confuscus Socholars who disagreed with his rule. The pruge killed almost 500 of the most important people in China.
-He had all his maidens murdered for use after death (about 50 young women).
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Positive Effects:
1. Roads were built for faster communication and movement of armies
2. Expanded the Qin Dynasties power by granting plots of land to individuals
Negative Effects:
1. He burned scholars if they didn’t agree with him
2. His soldiers killed maidens after Qin’s death
3. Strict laws were put in place and corrupt officials were sentenced to death
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*They started killing people if there relitives committed a crime
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positive points
1 He standardized weights, money and measurements.
2 He made the law equal for rich and poor people.

Negative points
He had sever punishments for crimes.
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