Asked by Jk from Usa | Sep. 15, 2013 09:00
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Question Regarding return of original documents for a "Z" visa (time sensitive-leaving very soon)

Hello, I really hope that you can help me with this. I am leaving for PRC very soon and don't have much time left to figure this out.

I recently applied for and successfully obtained a work "z" type. This was expedited by the agent/ service and sent back to me by Federal Express. However, the original documents that were submitted were not returned. These are 1) the " letter of invitation from a duly authorized unit" and 2) the "Foreign Expert's Work Permit" The second is the typical permit for folks hired to teach English in PRC.

I was under the impression that the originals would be returned to the agent and the mailed back to me with the passport. I did speak to their office via an on-line chat, but the situation is a little unclear and no one is available in their office until Monday.

Given that I am leaving on this Wednesday morning, flying through Detroit, and am not located anywhere near NY city, this is making me highly nervous. I will have to apply for a residency permit within 30 days and I think that I will need these original documents to do so. Is anyone with recent experience with the new procedures at the Embassy able to shed some light on this? I am trying to figure out if 1) keeping the documents is a new procedure 2) if so what happens to them? 3) will I need them when I get to China and apply for the residency permit? 4) if the procedures have not changed, where are my documents and how can I get them back? 5) are the documents lost, and, if so and I need them, what are my options for replacement? I do have a color copy of the " foreign expert work permit. " unfortunately, my copy of the letter of invitation is only in black and white due to some sort of glitch on my scanner. thanks, Jk

I hope that you can shed some light on this. I did send out an email to both the Consulate and the Agent but have not heard back from either. However, it's the weekend so I suppose that this is understandable

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Answered by Larry from Canada | Sep. 16, 2013 22:51
Don't worry, the embassy should keep the original copy of the "Work Permit" after issuing the Z to the foreign experts. Your hiring institute should apply for the "Foreign Expert Certificate" and residence permit from relevant department with the copy of work permit you have within 30 days after your entry.
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