Asked by Lane b from Canada | Jul. 12, 2013 14:56
About:China Visa Entries / Validity / Duration of Stay

Double entry means 2 visits within the alloted duration or two entries of equal duration?

I've applied for an F because I have a 3 month internship. There may be a chance of extension, so I'm wondering if my double entry, 90 day F lets me enter china twice within 90 days or I can enter twice, the 90 days counting down from the first entry and then restarting upon the second. I was confused because I originally tried to apply for 120 days but the clerk said in that case I would put "60" on the form and have two entries....

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Answered by Neil from Canada | Jul. 13, 2013 02:05
Double entry means you can enter twice time within its validity. If you mean your F has 90 days as duration of each entry, you can stay 90 days after each entry (180 days in total). If it is 60 days, you can stay 60 days each time (120 days in total).
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