Asked by Anon from USA | Mar. 13, 2013 00:18
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Accuracy of this zodiac? Do western signs also influence compatibility?

Im a Libra Metal Rooster.. my partner is a Libra Earth Tiger. Supposedly, in the Chinese Zodiac, we do not match and while we both have very strong wills and it's true we go through some conflicts, in the end we are very alike and our minds gravitate to settling conflicts. He lightens me up and makes me laugh when I can be very serious and though we are both very indecisive about things and he calls me the nag queen, he appreciates that I can organize him. He motivates me when Im lazy and I feed his enormous ego in subtle ways because he would do the same for me without realizing he is. We are also 17 years apart in age. My thoughts our compatibility stemming from our Libra western Zodiac? Because Rooster and Tiger shouldn't normally work. I do feel I am more in love with him than he is with me. I am way more loyal to the relationship where he seems more casual at times..but the thing that keeps me is that he NEVER forgets me or ignores me for long (even when I mistakenly feel he does sometimes or misread him), he always has me on his mind and it's what I appreciate deeply. So I really wonder if it's our western Zodiac that ultimately makes us work?

Also I had a fiance who was a Snake and though I deeply loved him he could not commit in the end. So while our chinese zodiac said we should have been blissful I think his Capricorn to my Libra is what really caused the problems in the end.

Just food for thought on some of you out there who think a difficult Chinese Zodiac can't work.

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Answered by Helen from USA | Mar. 13, 2013 01:20
Hi, the compatibility according to Chinese astrology is just for reference. And there is anyting in the world that is totally accurate. I read your match from the aspect of western signs, that is 80% compatible with your partner. While with your fiance, you are just 50% compatible. So just make a final decision following your deep heart. Good luck!
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