Asked by adrian from usa | Jan. 21, 2013 13:58
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future in 2013 and compatibility

Hellooo! I was born dec 26 1975.male.. im married to woman oct. 16 1977?
I would like to know what future the 2013 will be bring for our health marriage and financial?

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Answered by Edson | Jan. 22, 2013 02:55
Well, your marriage will be smooth and steady in 2013. If you can spend more time in communicating, your relationship can be better.

For health, both of you will be not as healthy as usual. For you, my suggestion is that you need to keep a healthy diet and do moderate sports in daily life. For your partner, she should avoid the thrilling sports.

For finance, generally the financial fortune is steady. However, your family may spend some money on business extension or job seeking. In any case, do make ends meet. Also I have to remind you that it is not suitable for your family to involve in stock market in 2013. Otherwise, it may bring you financial problem.
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