Asked by Vanessa from USA | Oct. 05, 2012 15:46
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Why does Tiger only have good or strong allies horse & dog? Why not a superb match for these signs?

It is strange that the two signs mention as compatible choices are not superb match. The pig is not mention in the charts that I have found and it shows up as a superb match here. O_o Why is that? My boyfriend's birthday is 22/1/1971 (dog) and mines is 2/6/1962 (tiger), I already feel strange being older than he is and now this. Will we be only allies? I do not want marriage, I've been married and don't want that again, but I do want a loving relationship with a partner who sees me that way I see him. Benefits usually come to an end whereas love stretches onward and is mostly neverending.

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Answered by Angelia | Oct. 08, 2012 01:10
If you want, you and your boyfriend can only be allies. Tiger with both pig and dog can have a very good relationship.
Chinese astrology is just a reference for people's life and it is not always true and is not a crucial condition. If you want to stay with him, you will have a good him.
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