Asked by ashish from China | Aug. 23, 2012 02:56
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work license and residence permit issue place different and working place different.

Hi, im ashish from india im a yoga teacher, I have some question about work license and residence permit issue place diffrent and working place different.

1- My Z visa issue Wuhan(Hubei province) a company I got it work license and residence permit in wuhan, that company have a branch in Guangzhou they transfered me Guangzhou , Guangzhou this branch make my local residence permit, currently im working in Guangzhou . this way work are legal or illegal?

2- Can I do part time work in Guangzhou as a yoga teacher other clubs ?

3- Me and this branch relationship not good I want quite this job, my z visa expired date January if company not reject my z visa so during time can I search new job give interview in Guangzhou and do part time work in Guangzhou I have also original my local residence permit Guangzhou.

please give me answer soon as possible

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Answered by Alvin | Aug. 23, 2012 04:11
1. It is ok for you to work in Guangzhou if you get local residence permit. Don't worry.
2. You can if you have time. You can work visa, of course you can. lol
3. If you quit this job, that means you may change employer. You should go through procedure at local PSB to renew your residence permit. Release letter stamped by your present company is required. Anyway, if your current scholl will not cancel your visa and residence permit, you can work part time job in Guangzhou, but this is not legal according to visa regulation.
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