Asked by winson from usa | Jul. 23, 2012 16:35
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How to get to Dandong from Dalian by public transportation?

Can someone give me some information of how to go to Dandong from Dalian by public transportation, either by bus or by train if there is a train service? Thank you.

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Answered by Nina | Jul. 23, 2012 21:21
Hi, I think I provide the same information for second time. Hahaha.

Actually you can take a train or a long-distance bus.
From Dalian to Dandong, one train operates each day: K7339. It departs from Dalian at 09:36 and the ticket fare is about CNY 47 for hard seat and about CNY 92-99 for hard sleeper.
And if you wanna take a long-distance bus, there are many buses in service in Dalian Beigangqiao Bus Station from 04:40 to 14:30. It costs about CNY 34.
Answered by Winson from USA | Aug. 01, 2012 14:13
Nina, thank you so much for your helpful information about the the transportation from Dalin to Dandong. Can you tell me how long does it take from Dalin to Dandong by train or by bus? It seems to me you know a lot of travelling in China, can I ask you, personally if possible, more travelling questions if I have? Since I'm planning a trip to the North-Eastern part of China around October, this year. Thanks in advance.
Answered by Nina | Aug. 04, 2012 20:02
Hi, Winson. Actually, if you take the train, it takes about 10 h. And if you catch a direct bus, the whole journey takes about 4.5 h or a little longer.

Sure, very glad to help you upon your any questions. Go ahead!
Answered by KG from Canada | Aug. 23, 2013 09:34
Bus..about Y100 takes 4+ hours. DO NOT take the train..way too long.
Answered by Will from Hong Kong | Jun. 04, 2014 12:25
Are there buses that run directly from Dalian airport to Dandong? If so, what time does the last bus run? Can't find any useful info at all. My flight will arrive around 9pm from HK. Frankly, don't wanna spend a night at the airport and prefer to head straight to Dandong to catch the tour to North Korea at 8am. Thanks for your help.

I assume my other option is to rent a car from Dalian to Dandong?
Answered by Kelly from Canada | Jun. 04, 2014 21:06
No direct bus service form the airport to Dandong is available, so you need to take a bus at the local bus station. However, the last bus leaves around 14:40. Therefore, if you wish to arrive Dandong on the same day, you may have no choice but take a taxi or rent a car. The fee is at least CNY500 for your reference.
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