Asked by Sony from China | Jun. 30, 2012 23:58
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Moving to Dalian?

Hi I have been looking for teaching jobs and have seen some adverts from Dalian schools. At present I am living in Chengdu and it has been great but I need a change. I don't speak much Chinese at all (I know I am quite embarrassed about it) so will this be a problem in Dalian as I hadn't heard about this city before now.

So can I get info on Dalian what kind of city is it, are there ex-pats, what is it like in the summer and winter and any other tips or advice? Also can anyone recommend reputable organisations to teach English for an experienced teacher.

I would appreciate any advice thanks.


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Answered by Nina | Jul. 01, 2012 01:44
Actually, you can search some information about Dalian in this website to better know Dalian. And I'd like to tell you that there are ex-pats there as other cities of China. About the weather, the annual average temperature of Dalian is from 8 to 11C (about from 46 to 52F) and it has four distinct seasons. Summer has mild temperature with comfortable sunshine and winter is cold that you have to wear wool coat, warm shoes and gloves.
As for your jod searching, I know an organization named Dalian Dongfang Foreign Language School. They want foreign teachers. May the information help. Good Luck!
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