Asked by melisa kristie from New Zealand | Oct. 01, 2011 00:32
About:Chinese Embassy in New Zealand

What forms we have to fill in.We are permanent residents of New Zealand but holding other passport than NZ, (Indonesia).

We intend to visit China for holiday early December. What forms we have to fill in.
-Shall I fill form for over 18 years old child who will be travelling with us, or she has to fill up form herself?
-Do I have to attach copy of my passport for each dependent child I am filling up form for?
-Do I need a supporting form to the V2011A form?
-Do I have to transfer NZ Resident Visa to our new passport before gaining China visa?
-Can I courier application and passports to Consulate General in Auckland (we are in Hamilton city, New Zealand) or have to send to Wellington?
-If apply in person, (do we need to?) can I just go to Consulate general office in Auckland without appointment?
-If we apply single entry and then need to re-entry, can we apply there on spot?
-Passport sized photograph, requires rules like passport (i.e. no glasses, no shades, certain back ground colour, have to be done professionally), only the size that we can do and print ourself?
-I have visited China before, so had been granted China visa, but not my children. What shall I pay attention on this? What will be different?
-Do we have to have an insurance coverage?

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Answered by kevin from Ireland | Oct. 04, 2011 02:33
1. she has to fill up the visa application forms by herself because she is over 18 yeard
2. you need to submit the visa application form V.2011A and V.2011B because you are apply for China visa in a country other than the country of your cerrent nationality.
3. you don't need to transfer NZ residence visa to your new passport, you can provide the old passport with NZ residence visa and new passport together
4. you need to submit application to Consulate General in Auckland because Hamilton city is under its consular jurisdiction, however, I don't know whether the consulate accepts application by mail or not, you'd better call it to check it
5. if you apply visa in person, you can just go to the consular office in Auckland without appointment. One of the applicants can submit all applications,
6. You'd better apply for a double-entry visa if you plan to enter Mainland China twice. Once you get a single entry visa and enter China, it is impossible for you to get a new single entry visa on spot for the re-entry.
7. please find a photo studio to take a passport size photo
8. please provide the previous China visas on your old or new passport, which increase the chance of getting a China visa, your family travel together, once you get a visa, it is greatly possible for your children to get a visa too.
9. an insurance coverage is not mandatory.
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