Asked by Sterling from Canada | Sep. 07, 2011 14:20
About:China Visa Entries / Validity / Duration of Stay

Is it OK for me to enter China three times with a two entry visa? I'll enter China twice for transfering at the airport and once for tourism.

I am flying Toronto to Singapore via a transit stop and change of planes in Beijing, and then on same trip 4 days later flying from Jakarta to Taiwan through Shanghai with a change of planes in Shanghai, then 2 days later flying from Taiwan to Shanghai where I will stay for 5 days as a tourist. Technically I am entering China 3 times, 2 as a transit, and 1 as a tourist. I can only get a tourist visa for 2 entries, and I am concerned that when I enter Shanghai for my 5 day stay, my visa will not be valid anymore because of my earlier transit stops ?

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Answered by David from China | Sep. 08, 2011 02:21
If you'll stay at the Beijing airport transit area and leave it within 24 hours, no visa is needed if you have the connecting ticket to Singapore.
About the Transit at Shangahai, no visa is needed either if you have passports, visas and tickets to Taiwan. You can even leave the airport to enter downtown Shanghai and stay there for up to 48 hours.

In this case, you don't need visas at all to transit at Beijing and Shanghai. But don't let the officer stamp your visa at those ports. If they are going to stamp it, you should inform you are just transferring and the visa will be used soon after. Some travlers inform that the officers donot know they are just transferring and stamp the visa, which causes a lot trouble for them.
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