Asked by Mr.AARONOLAFSON from United States | May. 16, 2011 17:28
About:Chinese Embassy in U.S.A.


I have questions about the z application (form A) and information required. After looking at the instruction guide, I still found the instructions to certain questions too vague. Here are a list of text boxes I need assistance in answering:
Section 1:Personal Information
1.11) Local ID card number. Do I input my driver license number or social security number in this textbox?
1.17) Place of passport issue (city, province/state, country). Where do I find this information out?
Section 2:Travel information
2.2) Intended number of entries. I will work in China for 1 year contract. I will fly from Los Angeles to Shanghai, take a train to Hangzhou. I don't know if that information is helpful in deciding which option to choose. I also realize when I exchange the z-visa at police station in hangzhou, they will issue me multiple entries.
2.3) Date of your first entry (yyyy-mm-dd). Which date do I enter?
2.4) Your longest intended stay among all entries of your intended visits in China. My contract is for 1 year, if that's of any relevance.(Days textbox).
2.6) Who will pay for your cost of travelling & living during your stay in China? I am responsible for purchase of airline ticket, but reimbursed at end of the year long contract. My room & board costs are paid for by employer. How would I phrase all this?
2.7) Do you have medical insurance covering your visit in China? I do not have insurance. Is it required for entering China?

I appreciate any and all feedback to the mentioned questions.


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Answered by Ms.HELPER from China | May. 16, 2011 21:29
1.11) Either your driver license number or social security number is ok here.
1.17) Place of passport issue: check your passport for the Code or the state followed by "USA" where you born in the United States as Place of Birth.
Section 2:Travel information
2.2) For intended number of entries, you can put one/1 there.
2.3) Date of your first entry (yyyy-mm-dd): just guess a general date of you intend entry, e.g.2011-07-11
2.4) Your longest intended stay among all entries: As you know, you will be issued a multiple entries visa in Hangzhou, so, here you can just put 3 months or 1 month as you like.
2.6) for your cost of travelling & living during your stay in China, you can phrase like what you said above.
2.7) About medical insurance, it is ok if you do not have one.
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