Asked by Mr.tomlinson from China | Jan. 05, 2011 20:21
About:Baggage Allowance and Transportation

I will be traveling from Zhengzhou to Shaoyang in a week’s time. I have a lot of luggage and also a cat. I plan to travel soft sleeper and buy all 4 beds in the carriage. Can I travel with a cat? With me buying four tickets i will get four peoples baggage allowance would that be correct.

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Answered by Mr.Dang | Jan. 06, 2011 04:24
According to the regulations of China Railway Authority, small animals could not be carried on the train but could only be treated as checked luggage. Yes, you will get four persons’ baggage allowance if you buy four berths in one cabin. About the details, you would better consult the staff at train stations.
Answered by Mr.Tomlinson from China | Jan. 06, 2011 06:02
Dear Mr Deng.

Thanks a lot for your help
Answered by Mr.Tomlinson from China | Jan. 06, 2011 19:00
Ok so I get it that the cat will be checked luggage.

Now how does checked luggage work? I've traveled a few trains here while I've been here in China and I don't remember anyone weighing luggage or making people check it in. How does it work at the destination? You walk up the platform and collect checked luggage or you go to a handling hall. How much does it all cost? Thanks for any help.
Answered by Mr.Tomlinson from China | Jan. 18, 2011 02:06
To All,
At Zhengzhou station there is no check in of any kind. The cat's vaccination documents were checked on entry by the policeman. The cat traveled in the sleeper compartment with us. We traveled soft sleeper. A 20kg allowance does not exist. As long as it can all be x-rayed it's OK

Stressed Traveler!!
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