Asked by Mr.Denis from China | Aug. 24, 2010 02:47
About:China Visa Entries / Validity / Duration of Stay

I have entered China on an F visa with 1 entry and 180 days. As I am a student here and will be studying for 4 months, I would like to visit other countries or at least hong kong and macau. I do not have any entries left on my visa, and I cannot apply for a residency permit since my school said that I did not apply for a JW202 in March and April and the deadline has passed. My question is if there is a way to just get a special visa to enter hong kong or macau and return to china. I know that it was hard for me to get a multiple entry visa since it was my frist time to enter China. I am affraid that if I go to Hong Kong and try to apply for a multientry visa to china now and get denied that I will be rejected for any reason and then not be able to come back and continue to study. Is there any steps I can take to be able to travel abroad in my situation. Thank You.

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Answered by Mrs.Nancy from USA | Aug. 25, 2010 22:04
Mr.Denis, you can apply for a single-entry China L visa in Hong Kong or Macau, then you can return to China to continue to study, however, generally speaking, the single-entry L visa permits 30 days stay duration in China, if your study in China lasts for 30 days after you return from other countries or HK/Macau, it is not suitable. It is advisable to travel within Mainland China, then you won't face the visa problem. After you get a China multiple-entry visa, then you can do it.
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