Asked by Mr.Phillip from Vietnam | Aug. 03, 2010 05:35
About:Leshan Giant Buddha

My train will stop at Emei train Station ~ 4:00 AM, I would like to take a bus from Emei town bus station to Leshan Xiaoba Bus Station for seeing Giant Buddha, my questions

1) How I can get to Emei town (long distance) bus station? How far ? by walking ? by Taxi ? by city bus ? should I stay inside Emei train Station until day time ? is it safe ?

2) What is Emei town (long distance) bus station name? how you write it in Chinese ?

3) How you write these in Chinese: a) Please take me to Emei town (long distance) bus station b) I would like to buy a bus ticket to Leshan Xiaoba Bus Station

Thanks you in advance

Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.MANNY from China | Aug. 04, 2010 01:22
Emei BUs Station is just opposite Emei Train Station. Turn right at the exit of the train station and walk till a crossroad. You can see the bus station on the other side of the road. It seem the first bus is at 6:30am. It seems there is no other ways for you to spend the few hours before the bus is available. So, I only have to translate the second sentence for you: 我要买到乐山肖坝车站的车票. The ticket is abou 8RMB, 30 minutes.
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