Asked by Mrs.Weeks from Ukraine | Apr. 27, 2010 09:30
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Since my Mum died in 1980 my luck appears to be getting worse. I try to remain optomistic and positive and try to remain calm and even try to understand - but nothing ever works
How may I go about changing my luck as it has been several years. I believe that I am a good person, I look after my children well and take good care of the dog and horse and have rescued many animals but nothing at all changes, sometimes my luck is such people do not believe it, but it is endless for me
I pray that one day something little will go well, just to remind myself what it is like to have abit of luck as I cannot even remember the last time, something lucky happened in my life. I have tried to learn from the negative and turn into positive, I have tried to evaluate my life and do different things, change different routes, but nothing works for me
Please someone let me know the secret to good luck and fortune

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Answered by Mr.Kevin | Apr. 27, 2010 21:09

Life is hard sometimes. But we still can get through. I still believe that good people will be rewarded someday.
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