Asked by Ms.V from Korea | Mar. 28, 2010 23:48
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I need to get my visa through a travel agent in Busan. I saw the numbers posted recently for 2 agents and will try them. I am worried the fee will be higher than 20.000 won extra the consulate say it should be. There is a foreigner specialist agent in Busan charging 30.000. If you didn't book ticket with them then 60.000 fee. Does anyone know of a place that does not charge more than 20.000 plus visa fee?

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Answered by Mr.Simon | Mar. 29, 2010 01:57
As for the designated travel agencies in Busan, you can refer to (in Korean version)

The service fees (visa fees charged by the Consular Section are not included) for each visa charged by the designated travel agencies (the service means to apply and receive visa on behalf of the applicant) must not exceed 20,000 won.

If applicants find out any designated travel agency infringes the above rules on service fees, they can send us e-mail (|consulate_korea) or fax us (02-755-0469) to lodge a complaint (complaints by phone or face to face are not accepted). The complainant should write down clearly the real name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, phone number of the applicant as well as the application date, the name of the travel agency and the details regarding the infringement. The Consular Section of the Chinese Embassy will fully investigate the case and deal seriously with the relevant travel agency. Please notice that complaints against non-designated travel agencies are not accepted.
Answered by Ms.V from KoreA | Apr. 02, 2010 05:45
I can't find the page with the travel agents numbers on that site. Can you help? I have seen it before and have a Korean friend I can ask for help if I can tell her the exact page.

I am disappointed that the consulte page does not mention they no longer accept in person applications. I have friends who have done this very recently. Must be a new rule for BusAN?
Answered by Ms.V from South Korea | Apr. 05, 2010 07:58
Hi, I found the page again but all the travel agents ARE IN SEOUL!! Is there nothing in BUSAN?

The only optiion in Busan I can find on the Internet will cost 100.000 total as they charge more when you bought ticket elsewhere.
Answered by Ms.Celina from China | Apr. 05, 2010 23:19
I'm a Chinese citizen, I can read the Chinese Version of Consulate-General of China in Busan, from March 29, 2010, the consulate won't accept China visa application from oridinary passport holders, only the diplomatic, offical (service) passport holders, Journalist visa applicants, Hong Kong visa applicants can go to the consulate for visa application, other ordinary passport holders should go to the authorized travel agency to apply for China visa.  

New World Travel Agency   051-463 - 8888  
South Korea Asia-Pacific Airline 051-465 - 7340  
China Golden Dragon Airline 051-466 - 2633  
Li Jin Travel Agency   051-466 - 9001  
San Bao Travel Agency   051-442 - 4100  
Travel Accomodation 051-441 - 1449  
Happy Travel 051-441 - 0216  
BIE Airline 051-464 - 1132  
South Korea Youth Travel Agency  051-467 - 5665  
Travel NEWS051-632 - 7400  
Asia Pacific Travel Agency 051-464 - 1050 
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