Asked by Mr.Jensen from China | Feb. 21, 2010 13:01
About:China Southern Airlines

I flew from LAX to Guangzhou on 17th of February on CS air Flight 328. One of my suitcases was missing on arrival along with several other people who were waiting. The bag arrived in Changsha yesterday and I had to go retrieve it. I find out that the bag was not lost or misplaced but that the plane was overfull on cargo and some bags got bumped. I find that hard to believe since the plane was not full and business class was basically empty. Although your company has offered to reimburse me for the cost of retrieving my bag and the costs are going to be pretty substantial since I had to come back from my destination city of Leiyang, I have a few suggestions for you that may improve your customers level of satisfaction should this type of thing happen in the future. 1. If you know my bag was not going to make it you could have notified me while I was on the plane. I had a connecting flight and almost missed it waiting around to finally find out my bag was not going to make it with me. You could have also made an offer to compensate me on the spot with a free upgrade to your empty business class. That would have taken the edge off. 2. You could have offered to ship my bag to my destination (home) in Leiyang. This would have only cost about 50 RMB whereas it takes 7 hours round trip by car and about 300 RMB in gas and another 200 in toll fees.
Instead of cash a really nice offer to compensate me not only for the money lost on this but my time would be to offer me a free round trip to USA upgrade to business class coupon next time I fly to USA and back. This seems to be an even less expensive and better way of compensation that just offering cash from your insurer. An upgraded seat space should cost you nothing.

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Answered by Ms.Monika from Spain | Feb. 22, 2010 01:30
Hey, u can write these suggestions on the airlines' official website. Maybe that would be helpful for them to improve the level of customers' satisfaction…
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