Asked by Lisa from Australia | Aug. 28, 2021 23:43
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I am fire Aquarius Rabbit woman. My date of birth is 5th of Feb 1988. My love life is complicable.

First guy - Capricorn Metal Monkey man. His SON is 17th of Jan 1981. It didn't work out because of conflict of interest.

Second guy - Capricorn Metal Rooster - 11 Jan 1982. It was conflict

Third guy - Leo Metal Rooster - 2 Aug 1981. My friendship with him is strong, peaceful, safe, comfortable, happiness and smooth without burden

Will I able find an true love with an third guy? Or will I meet another different guy to fall in love with him for friendship & relationship for many years for lifetime for positive guidance? Thank you. Look forward to hear from you soon. Appreciateyour support. Stay safe.

Answers (2)
Answered by Thanh | Sep. 09, 2021 21:06
Hi Lisa,

I'm fire rabbit 1987 (Scorpio) and my husband is water dog 1982 (Leo) ...we have been together for long time 12-13 years now. Happy marriage, supportive and understand each other. Animals wise we are compatible. Water and fire elements, we put each other in check.
Answered by Thanh | Sep. 09, 2021 21:13
Fire element, we get emotional and when upset, we tend to burn everyone and as my husband says it is best to be with water or earth element to help us fire elements. Water to cool us down and earth to constrain us from burning.
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